September 29, 2023

A Chinese Elderly Had Heart Attack on The Flight To America! Passengers Rescued Him Together at The Critical Moment!

Jun 29, 2019

Winter break was coming, foreshadowing the family visiting reaches its peak. As you might have experience, long-haul flight is exhausted, and the potential health risk said to be existing to old people. A few days ago, on an international flight from China to America, a Chinese elderly suffered a sudden heart attack causing him to go into a coma! In the confrontation of an accident, however, the greatness of human being warmed the bitterly cold winter.

At 10pm on December 13, a Chinese passenger suddenly felt ill since two hours after the China Eastern Airline MU561 had taken off from Shanghai Pudong International Airport. He was breathless; beaded drops of sweat stood upon his forehead and trickled down along the old man’s face. His wife sitting next to her husband saw that her husband was not feeling well and asked the flight attendants for help right away. The crew rushed to the sick man and put an oxygen mask on his face. The captain also broadcast an emergency call for a doctor.

Four young American doctors gave the first aid with a Chinese radiologist’s assistance who helped translate. The stewardess consoled the old lady while wiping sweat for the old man. It needs eight more hours to fly to Sydney; however, the old man had fallen into a coma. At this critical moment, the captain decisively force-landed in Saipan, and none of the passengers objected the captain’s decision. A group of first-aid personnel who had always waited at the airport sent the old man to the local hospital as soon as the flight landed. All the passengers waited more than two hours at the airport. The plane did not take off to Sydney until the next day. While fighting against the abrupt sickness, everyone unanimously chose to quietly wait and pray for the old man who was rescued after two-hour urgent treatment.

The old man’s family were thankful for everyone’s help. The Sky Rescue accident expressed humankind’s intuitive virtues. The selfless love and sympathy could overcome any danger, illness, and even death. In the meantime, we should consider to purchase a U.S. travel insurance (aka 美国旅游保险), especially for old people. In spite of the high expense of American insurance (aka 美国医保), many Americans choose to buy one for themselves and their families. Many American schools require all F-1 visa holders to purchase international student health insurance (aka 留学生 保险) and opt insurance (aka opt保险) after graduation. Please note the insurance for OPT period (aka opt期间保险) is different than the insurance when you are in school. You can find more details about different types of health insurance plans on, and we also have recommended health insurance for international students in America (aka 美国留学生保险推荐).

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Mega Clean – Detox Drinks and Reviews

Jun 22, 2019

If you have a drug test coming up and you have been searching online for detox products that can help rid your system of THC before the d-day, the name Detoxify Mega Clean must have popped up a couple of times on your search. This article will hopefully answer questions about this product, how it works and whether you can trust it to detoxify your body or not.

Mega clean reviews

Mega clean is a classic detox drink. The product has been around for years and has saved several people from impending trouble as a result of impromptu drug tests. Given that a full mega clean treatment requires only about two days to work effectively, it is indeed one of the most recommended options especially when you have limited time before your test.

Mega clean drinks are produced by Detoxify. The company offers a range of detoxification drinks which include Mega Clan, Mighty Clean and XXtra Clean. All three drinks are essentially the same products with some slight differences. The Mighty clean is merely a three-stage version of Mega clean. It is more expensive but clearly does the same thing as Mega Clean.

The XXtra clean detox drink is a smaller version of the product. It comes in a 20 oz. bottle but it is still essentially the same formula. Given the small size, XXtra clean is recommended only for those who take drugs very lightly or haven’t smoked weed in a while. It is just something you take just to be extra sure. If you use drugs heavily XXtra clean may not be powerful enough to help you. In this case, Mega Clean detox drink or Mighty Clean will be your best bet. Mega clean is designed more specifically for people who take toxins heavily. People who weigh over 200lbs or get little exercise will also find this product the perfect choice for them.

Instruction for use

The instructions for using Mega clean is simple and quite straightforward. Bear in mind that you need at least 24 hours before your test for this product to work. While the drink itself is to be taken about 5 hours before your scheduled test, the pre-rid capsules that come with it are to be taken at about 24 hours prior. The pre-rid capsules will help push out toxins from your body prior to your test making it easier for the Mega Clean drinks to deliver effectively.

  • Do not take any toxins for at least 48 hours before your test.
  • Diet may play an important role in the success of your test. Try to eat more protein, fruits, and veggies and avoid greasy food. Water is also essential for detoxification to work effectively. You should also get as much rest and exercise yourself if possible.
  • Take the pre-rid pills about 24 hours to your test. During this time try to take as much water as possible. This will ensure that you urinate more frequently which speeds up the process of detoxification. There are 6 pre-rid capsules which can either be taken all at once or spaced out with 2 hours apart. Take as much water as possible in between to help you urinate more.
  • About 2 hours before your scheduled test, shake the Mega Clean bottle and drink the whole content. You should refill the bottle with water and drink this again. You don’t have to chug it all at once. But it should be taken within about 15 minutes.
  • Ensure that you urinate as frequently as possible over the next hour (at least twice). The urine sample your present for your test at this point should be free of toxins and will still contain the necessary markers that are tested for in your urine.

How does it work?

To be honest, not every detox drink out there works. So many of them either don’t get the job done at all or do a very bad job. A lot of supposed detox drinks only dilute the urine so much that it also reduces the concentration of a lot of other valuable nutrients in the urine. When you submit samples after taking these products, the testing company will easily detect that you are trying to cheat the test.

Mega clean is one of the few detox drinks that actually works which is why it has been so popular. If you follow the instructions, you will most likely pass your test. But how does this drink actually work? Most people don’t realize this, but a detox drink does not entirely detoxify your body. It doesn’t flush out all the toxins in your blood. Instead, it only clears out the toxins in your bladder giving you a window of opportunity for a few hours. This will allow you enough time to submit a clean enough sample. Fortunately, it also adds all the needed nutrients that might be pointers that you are trying to fake the test thus successfully masking the test.

What this means is that while Mega clean will help you get a good urine test, it will not work if your blood or saliva is being tested since a lot of toxins will still be retained in your bloodstream. Mega clean only gives you a detoxification zone of about 3 to 5 hours. You will be able to submit a clean enough sample within this window.

Read this Wikipedia article to learn about the various types of drug tests that can be done.


The best way to truly rid your body of metabolites is through the body’s natural detoxification process. Thus, if you have enough time before your test, discontinuing whatever drugs you might be taken for several weeks prior to the test will definitely work. There are no automatic detox pills or drinks that will rid your entire system of toxins overnight. But mega clean gives you a fair enough window and will work effectively for you if you follow the instructions.

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Spa & Wellness 101: Everything About Enjoying Body Wraps

Jun 16, 2019

Contrary to popular opinion, spas offer much more than basic massages. Yes, an aromatherapy or Swedish massage can be a great way to unwind, relax and refresh, but if you want to try out something else, we strongly recommend a body wrap treatment. Not everyone understands the concept, and only selected spas offer the option. We found spas like in Montreal having all sorts of choices, and in this post, we are discussing everything you need to know about body wraps.

What exactly is a body-wrap treatment?

As the name hints, body-wrap treatments involve using a mix of ingredients to create a wrap that’s applied all over the body. The session, however, starts with some form of scrubbing or exfoliation, because the pores of the skin need to open up, so that the wrap can penetrate deep into the skin. Note that the scrubbing is not like a body scrub, or rather not so elaborate. More often than not, salt scrubbing is done.

The next step is to apply the product, or the wrap, for which the massage therapist will use specific strokes, which almost is same as a massage but not always with extreme pressure. Following the application, you will be asked to stay wrapped in a warm cloth or towel for at least 20 to 30 minutes. Sometimes, the body wrap treatment can include a head massage too during the wait period. Finally, the therapist will guide you to the shower room. Sometimes, they just help the client clean up.

Things to know

Body wrap is not a therapeutic massage, so keep that in mind and don’t expect an elaborate session with the therapist. You can, of course, combine body wrap with a massage or can choose one of the ready packages. If you are opting for a mix, it usually starts with a body scrub, followed by a body wrap and then a massage. You are required to stay alone for a while during the wrap session, and if you are not comfortable with that, let the spa guys know. There are different kinds of body wraps, so you can go for a signature body wrap offered by the spa, a relaxing one or even a slimming wrap.

It is wise to ask for an appointment in advance before you arrive, and the best spas do have packages, so you can save considerable money on other treatments too.

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How To Redesign Your Health & Fitness Website? Find Here!

Jun 12, 2019

Even the best websites must be revamped after a point, typically in two years or so. You want your visitors to be interested in the profile, and if everything looks and feels the same over the years, the interest kind of wears off. Redesigning a health & fitness can be a huge challenge, because you cannot go overboard with the design and theme. It has to be in sync with the niche and must also associate with the brand value that the website currently stands for, unless of course, you want to completely change everything about the portal.

In a budget? Select a website builder!

Instead of hiring a website designer for your project, you can consider a web builder. Website builders, such as WordPress, Wix, GoDaddy, and Weebly, are known for their intuitive features and easy interface, and while you cannot create a complete customized website for free, even the paid features don’t have to cost a fortune. It is always a wise idea to select a website builder that has more features and has ready templates, themes or designs that can be used for health & fitness sites.

Keep things simple and minimalistic

Revamping an existing health & fitness website can be a challenge, given that you may have used the best design previously. The idea to have some form of continuity in the design. This may refer to something like using the same color scheme or logo, or often the same layout but a more flexible color mix. Nevertheless, simple design and minimalistic layout do matter, because you want every user to find the content or information they are looking for, instead of getting lost in the web of many pages and complicated design elements.

Watch your competitors

The health & fitness industry is huge, and every website is unique in its own way. To add to that, there are literally endless subsegments in the genre. For example, a hospital website would look different and have a lot more features than a simple, informative website that talks of health concerns and home remedies. You want to watch your competitors, find more on the trends they are following, and keep a check on their design highlights. It is a wise idea to avoid a long layout, especially if you have many segments in the website. Go for a regular multiple-page site, instead of a parallax website.

Check online for website builder reviews to get started!

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What Is an MRI?

Jun 10, 2019

If you know anyone who has torn a ligament in their knee or been diagnosed with cancer, multiple sclerosis or other diseases, you may have heard about their MRI experiences. Just what is an MRI, though? There are so many different types of scans that are possible these days, including x-rays, CT scans, echocardiograms, and ultrasounds, it can be hard to keep up with the purpose of each. An MRI, short for magnetic resonance imaging, is used to scan the interior of the body, typically taking images of the brain, ligaments, muscles, heart and other soft tissues.

What Types of MRI Scanners Exist

There are two main types of MRI machines: a traditional closed MRI scanner, and an open MRI scanner. A traditional scanner is a closed machine where you lay in a large tube while the required images are taken. There are various closed MRI scanners, including an extremity MRI that, as the name states, focuses on your extremities, and a 3 Tesla MRI, the most powerful MRI machine available. The open MRI scanner is very often utilized for patients who suffer from claustrophobia as it does not require the patient to enter a small space.

When Is an MRI Needed

MRI scans are performed for a large variety of reasons, ranging from life-threatening emergencies to knee pain. Some examples of issues that may require the use of magnetic resonance imaging include the following:

  • Tumors in the chest
  • Blood vessel issues
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Heart issues
  • Cirrhosis
  • Torn meniscus

Magnetic resonance imaging is a powerful tool and a marvel of modern medicine. While needing an MRI scan is not something you should hope for, it’s good to remember that MRI scans can help doctors diagnose and develop specific treatment plans for a variety of medical issues.

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