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Why Do So Many Thai Celebrities Have Rhinoplasty?

Feb 11, 2021

If you spent time living in Thailand, you would quickly notice how the film stars and celebrities make good use of plastic surgery in order to enhance their appearance, particularly the nose. One reason for this is that Asian people in general have a very shallow bridge, if any, on the nose and with state-of-the-art rhinoplasty, you can enjoy a European-type nose, with a considerable bridge.

Bangkok & Plastic Surgery
Whether due to the large numbers of transgenders in Thailand or a desire to enhance one’s appearance with surgical treatment, Bangkok has long been a global hub for all kinds of cosmetic surgery. Why not combine a memorable tropical holiday with your nose job? The cost of the surgery is much lower in Bangkok than it would be in a developed country, which allows you to take a couple of weeks enjoying the tropical beaches while recovering from the operation.

Westernised Appearance
For many Thai women, the western style bridge of the nose is very much sought after and it isn’t that big of an operation to create a bridge that looks natural with beautiful nose surgery (known as เสริมจมูกสวย in Thai) carried out by a top-rated plastic surgeon. As technology developed, the cost of such procedures dropped and today, we can all enjoy a nicer appearance with cosmetic surgery.

Asian Trends
Like every continent, Asian people follow trends and with most Asian cultures, the whiter your skin, the more attractive you are perceived to be, while having a prominent nose is also very much in trend. This is mainly due to the low cost and non-invasive treatment that is available in Bangkok and if you would like to book an introductory consultation with a leading plastic surgeon, search for Bangkok clinics.

Open & Closed Rhinoplasty
There are two types of rhinoplasty. Open and closed, with the former involving making an incision along the narrow strip of flesh between the nostrils, while closed rhinoplasty uses incision on the inner surfaces of the nostrils, which are not visible. As to which method the surgeon would recommend, that depends entirely on your expected outcome and his professional opinion.

Breast Augmentation
This is another plastic surgery treatment that is popular with Thai women, as many feel their breasts are too small and with silicone implants, you can enlarge your breasts as you wish.

If you would like to learn more about rhinoplasty in Thailand, a Google search will help locate a top-rated clinic and you can book an introductory consultation with the plastic surgeon.

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