July 22, 2024

Even though there are stringent and strict health and safety policies in every business, there is still a distinct possibility that you may have hurt yourself doing your job. Many injuries involve the back because people lift things incorrectly even though they have been taught how to do it properly. It leads to many days off work and it leaves you in an incredible amount of pain as well.

This is why people turn to their osteopath in Rochester because they know that they can get the help needed to get them back on their feet in no time at all. The following are just some of the things that your local osteopath can help you with.

Pulled muscles – This can happen to the best of us and you don’t have to be lifting anything particularly heavy in order to pull a muscle. Thankfully you can turn to your osteopath who can manipulate and massage your muscles to take away the pain and to get you back your full function.

Slipped discs – These can be incredibly painful and you can be off your feet four weeks if you don’t get the requisite care needed. Your osteopath will use manipulation techniques to put the desks back into place as well is provide you with medication to handle the pain until it subsides.

We suffer from many different injuries throughout our lives and especially during our working life. It can happen so easily and people have been in said that they have put out their back by just simply bending over to pick something up.

Jason Isaiah

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