March 5, 2024

Running is a great way to get active, tone up and shed some pounds. Once you get a feel for it, you’ll thoroughly enjoy that time alone out on the open road. If you’ve decided to start running and you are in good enough shape to skip the walking or jogging part, you must make sure you have all the right equipment to make your session a little easier and injury free. These tips will help beginners who are planning on running outdoors.

Running Shoes

Physical activities such as running, riding and walking can cause a lot of discomfort in your feet, ankles, knees and hips if you don’t invest in the right kind of running shoes. There is a range of orthotic athletic shoes on the market which are great for novice runners. They are designed to lessen foot fatigue, stop overpronation and provide much needed support to people with fallen arches. Zullaz footwear in Australia provides top of the range orthotic shoes which are excellent for taking care of your feet. Aside from purchasing orthotic running shoes, you can also invest in a custom designed pair of sandals for after you finish those long sessions. Orthotic sandals allow your joints to rest by taking some much-needed pressure off key areas such as your ankles and knees.

Wearing the wrong type of running shoes is exactly why so many novice runners suffer foot problems when they start to exercise. Remember these tips when choosing a pair of running shoes.

  • Try to find an orthotic running shoe where possible.
  • Don’t choose a running shoe based on style.
  • Always buy a pair of running shoes which are comfort and supportive.
  • Invest in a high-quality shoe if you are serious about running.

Cushioning Vs Lightweight

Most lightweight running shoes are designed for sprinting or for individuals who wish to compete in events. Neither one is better the other, it just depends on your running goals. Shoes that are more heavily cushioned are excellent for new runners, they provide the support and comfort you need to enjoy your exercise. But well cushioned trainers aren’t used in competition, simply because they are a bit too heavy. The decision really comes down to your own preference, if you prefer lightweight shoes go for them, if you’d like extra support, buy a cushioned pair.

Additional Items

Although running shoes are the most important piece of equipment you’ll need as a novice runner, you must also invest in other equipment to ensure you get off to the right start. This list will help you to identify what you need before you begin to exercise.

  • Technical running clothes
  • Running-specific socks
  • Reflective gear
  • Supportive sports bras
  • Sports watch & running belt & phone holder

It may sound like a lot of gear to purchase just to start running, you don’t have to immediately go out and buy all the latest equipment, focus on what you need and go from there. The most essential item is your footwear, once you get that right, you can add extra accessories when needed.

Jason Isaiah

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