July 22, 2024

Many people who are in their senior years have difficulty navigating the stairs at home and rather than living exclusively on the ground floor, installing a stairlift is the best option. If you conjure up an image of a huge steel hoist, relax, the latest generation of stairlifts are streamline by design and are able to carry up to 25 stone, or over 150kg.

Who needs a stairlift?

If you get fatigued when climbing the stairs, this is all the reason you need to look at heavy duty stairlifts in Sutton Coldfield, which are installed by trained teams of installers. Of course, it is very dangerous to be on a staircase if you are out of breath; accidents can and do happen and to be safe, you are advised to install a heavy-duty stairlift. If you have giddy spells, this is dangerous if you are on the staircase and a fall could lead to serious injuries.

Bespoke solutions

As no two staircases are the same, designing a stairlift requires bespoke solutions; whether straight, curved, or a little of both, the stairlift engineers know their stuff and can design the perfect stairlift. The only way to discover the cost of a stairlift is to invite a local supplier to your home, when the technician can take a look at your staircase and help you select the right design and system.

The price is all-inclusive and the supplier is always ready to carry out essential maintenance when the time comes around. Search online for your nearest stairlift supplier and take the first step toward mobility around the home.

Jason Isaiah

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